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learn about Tarot

A tarot deck is made up of two parts, the minor arcana and the major arcana. When choosing a deck the only thing that matters is that you are drawn to that particular deck for whatever reason, we are all attracted to different things.

All decks come with a book describing the cards and interpretations, layouts, sometimes practice readings. If can be beneficial to invest in a good book other than the ones that come with the cards if you intend to learn more. These can give you card combinations and indepth possibilites for the cards.

You do not need to already have intuitive prowess, as you practice with the cards your intuition will develop and ultimately will have as much influence in the reading as the cards.

Learn Tarot cover

learn Tarot

The minor arcana describes in four sections the challenges of life:

cups= relationships, love, feelings, emotions

Wands= Actions, direction, motivation

Pentacles= physical reality, money, achievements

swords= thoughts, mental process, rationality

These aspects cover the various areas that you will experience in any situation,relationship, or event.

The numbers relate to different aspects within the whole.

Ace= undirected beginning or urge

two= initial drive, with awareness but without conscious direction

three= consolidating effort, early beginnings with directional influence

four= second wind, second thoughts, accountability, reality, the challenge

five= meeting the challenge, facing the truth, accepting your role, potential energy

six= the action required, manifestation, a goal perceived, awareness, choices

seven= recognition, dominant energy, attracting force

Eight= second thoughts, doubts, consolidation, ongoing effort

nine= commitment to a path good or bad, destiny,

ten= completion on some level, incomplete manifestation, the goal, the beginning of the end

these are very minimal but give you an idea of how it goes, you can determine whether emotion, thought, achievement, or action dominate a reading, and which area of your life is being challenged right now.

The major arcana deal with the hidden energies, and follow a set story of life as we should be living it, the minor arcana tends to resonate with the actualities of what we do.

The cards of the major arcana resonate with your subconscious, your fears, your hopes, your inner conflicts etc. these are the named cards. the fool, heirophant, preist etc.

if you have some cards you might like to try this; separate your deck minor arcana and major arcana place the major arcana cards to your left the minor arcana to your right.

shuffle and draw three cards from the minor arcana thinking about your current challenge.

place them face up. read the meanings of these cards and take a moment to see how they relate to each other and your current problem.

When you are satisfied that you have a good interpretation of the cards cut the deck of major arcana and draw a card.

this card will show you the underlying thought, belief,desire, or inner conflict behind the issue.

hold a thought of what you need to resolve or cancel out the current situation shuffle and cut the major arcana pack again drawing a card
this card will give you an action to help you through your situation.

If you have a problem being objective get a friend to help you. reading the card meanings in no way detracts from the reading, your interpretation can do.


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