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Date/Time Date(s) – 08/05/2015 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm ET Always exciting for a beginner or novice this one class is aimed at giving you the tools to not only perceive the energy field of others. With exercises, visually rich material and a downloadable pdf to keep you going, this is a great workshop to… Read More

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Aura TV: chakra Readings, weekly sunsign forecast using the tarot as a guide – YouTube

This week Dorothy will add Chakra Reading along with the free readings, choose to have a question answered or get a quick reading of your own chakras. The qu…


An original visually rich  presentation of astrology forecast, chakra readings, and more

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Weight Loss Hypnosis, 1 hour $4,99 download to any device by Dorothy Holder Dip.CHyp ……


weight loss hypnosis has a moderate effect when generic, it will always work as long as you know what YOUR issue is, at $4.99 it certainly couldn’t be cheaper for an hour hypnotherapy, although you would need to be clear of what you are trying to achieve with eating issues to select the right session or choose a couple to cover bases, that is why overeaters is also a great option, in tandem these two together are hard to beat.

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How Hypnotherapy Can Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a disease that can cost you a lot. If you are suffering from anxiety, you may find it hard to talk with children calmly. You may also find that you are always afraid. The problem is that you will not produce as much as you should.


Hypnotherapy is without question the single most effective way for dealing with anxiety disorders, no negative side effects and no years of therapy. A qualified therapist is only a skype call away these days which means you can choose from the cream of the crop. The secret to a successful session is a good consultation and a tailor made program and script,  you can reach your target with a generic download , (this being very cheap) but if you have had failures in the past it is worth looking at what needs were not met. When i was studying we were all taught that there was a percentage of non hypnotizable people, i now believe that to be false, there is always going to be someone who doesn’t want to be hypnotized and that person will resist trance, but they will not be coming to me or any other hypnotherapist to resolve issues. If you step into my office or skype call wanting to get rid of anxiety, addictions, anger, any phobia or need to release post traumatic stress disorders. you are already in effect in agreement with the ideal of hypnosis. After that it is up to me as a trained professional to make it work for you,  for many a single session is all that is needed to shift along a single blocker, the average would be 3-5 sessions where there is a bit of history and a program that is pretty much all encompassing can be 3-10 sessions, of course with the latter one would expect to walk out virtually 100% free of those things that bind.

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Healing the Past

the key to life


There is a huge difference between healing the past and living in it, for many it becomes a life mission devoted to self which is usually the opposite to the desired outcome. There are those who are self oriented, using the ideal of healing as finding a legitimate way to focus on self without recrimination or guilt, and still others find that unanswerable question of why me can hold them in cognitive therapies for years without a genuine release from the circumstances that initiated enough damage to require healing while ignoring that their own behaviours take over where that circumstance left off.

Psychics are forever rooting current issues into past lives, potentially causing damage as a person in pain will grab onto anything that assuages any feelings of guilt, fear, anger and grief. If there is one thing we have become adept at it would be avoidance, evasion and denial, a trifecta of destructive patterning. Healing should be a transient focus, initially perhaps engaging a number of strategies to resolve longstanding problems, but any past healing process should begin and end without becoming a lifelong focus on self, pain and grievances, we are all quite capable of making life changing admissions and decisions about behaviour, and future goals in a matter of seconds with the right motivation, leaving us free to heal as we go, that is addressing emotions, relationships, behaviours (our own) as we go. Apologizing where necessary (guilt) working through feeling threatened (anger), releasing those things that no longer align with our life (grief) and overcoming those things that send us scurrying into denial (fear). Self Actualization is the way to living in the now, truly and happily, it is a symptom of having moved beyond the past into the very dynamic present.

It is important to address the cognitive aspects of memory and experience, it is more important to release these at some point, as memory is not always  your best friend, anyone can turn a major past incident into a present waking nightmare by allowing the mind to reference that experience in any and every new experience you may be having. That is to say, a challenging experience with a parent can define the way you see the opposite sex or even your own, in turn determining the type of relationships available to  you. A self fulfilling prophesy is really just the belief being lived through real life, for instance if you believe all men are bastards. you will only ever recognize the bastard in them, even the good guys. I don’t believe we are ever attracted to the wrong person or situation, we simply fulfil our understanding of life and living, if  you believe  you are not good enough you will always be attracted to those people or situations that remind you of your belief, if you believe you were unloved as a child  you will harbour resentment at those who may not have loved you the way you deserved, but loved you nevertheless taking on the mantle of the victim partner, unappreciated parent or relationship saboteur.

As long as your past behaviours are still in play they are not in the past, changing these behaviours IS healing, expecting others to heal  your life is not. Everyone has a set of values, even thieves teach their children it is bad to steal, liars teach their children not to lie and so forth, why? Because these people hate to be targeted by a thief or a liar it’s a mixed message but the value is instilled while the behaviour can belie the value, it is only when values are compromised that a person is truly miserable, if you are  not living your own values it is easy to see the devaluation, lack of sincerity and unreliable aspects of who you are. When you can look honestly at these  you will find that ever elusive peace.

A client haunted by early child sexual abuse was angry 30 years later in a way that lead to many other behaviours that were destructive to others. Self serving and misogynist tendencies meant friendships were a challenge to maintain unless with drunkards and stoners who were also angry, not so ironically the very personality type of the abuser. This man could only hate himself knowing that the role model  for his behaviour and the friendships he chose to develop were a reflection of a man he hated with a passion, while he would never find it in himself to deliberately  hurt others, his refusal to see his own behaviours were, as an adult, his own left him seeking therapies that were in line to continue for  years to come without resolve. These therapies focus on his feelings drawn from the past and will continue to do so, as the real issues and experiences will never be shared in honesty. This may be a desire to heal the past, but the past isn’t the issue, the present is, years of drug abuse illicit and legal take their toll, as they don’t serve to render the past irrelevant the reason for taking them is to be able to live with ones self, here, today. Being driven to connect with the police and force the issue of laying charges against his abuser was motivated by incredible guilt, guilt says the psychotherapist for something he had no control over, but I have a different take on it, guilt is evidence of remorse for something we did or did not do, and our victim here knew that his abuser had gone on to molest other boys potentially hundreds of them over the next 30 years, his guilt is more likely from not taking any action to stop him when he was old enough, supported and strong enough to do so, and so it goes on.

His experience is a description of living in the past rather than healing the past. All healing must come to an end at some point, to move into a life management strategy of dealing with the present on as many levels as we possibly can, leading to a peaceful and enjoyable existence. When you step onto the path of self healing, with or without assistance, seek to accept  your life experiences as they already happened, non-acceptance maintains and supports negative thinking and poor behaviours.

We also need our memories and our past to grow, if we use what we have learned well not only do we not make those mistakes again but we enable potential to be fulfilled by not having to go back to the start line every time we visit an issue or live through a challenge. While this is helpful in challenges it is also a way to happiness by using what we know and continuing advancement through life and understanding. There is no point in learning a skill without the understanding of how to use it best.

  • Move into the understanding that no matter how angry you are, fearful you have become or guilty you feel you cannot undo what was done.
  • Look honestly at your behaviours, where are you perpetuating problems or hurting others, they didn’t cause your past, leave them alone.
  • Sort yourself out, then take a look at what you have created in life, move away from anyone that resembles or creates situations you associate with past circumstances no matter what that is.
  • Envision doing better, having better and creating better  letting your past define the relationships/career choices can only ever be damaging.
  • learn from what you don’t like in yourself, change it to be more the person you are rather than the person you were taught to be.
  •  If your first thought is I am not good enough then do what you need to be good enough in your estimation.
  • Look directly at what you like about yourself, focus on these good points every day and use these qualities, if you like them they are reflective the the wonderful person you really are inside.
  • Lastly acknowledge  your role in your current experiences, don’t blame others, if something you wanted didn’t work out, change those things that  YOU did or said allowing you can do things differently in the future. As humans our greatest asset is the ability to rewrite pathways, learn to be different and continue to evolve at any stage of our life. Trust me if you do this completely the rewards are there, if you pay lip service to change you will get a desultory response from the world at large.

Tarot Tips: Ten of Wands

tying ones own hands can create a feeling of being trapped and uninspired

What is the essence of the problem, for many it becomes responsibility, they see this as a deal breaker after a while feeling it prevents them from being who they want to be. This is a feeling that is presented by the 10 of wands, after getting what they want the person feels weighted down by the duties and responsibilities their choices have given them.The man who wants the partner but doesn’t want a family leading to his partner applying pressure because that is an expected part of her relationship dreams. The woman who has children but feels she has no value in the world so feels her world is closing in on her because she cannot do the things she wanted to do, often becoming resentful of the freedoms she has lost. The couple that buy a house and then cannot afford the holidays they used to take due to a mortgage not to mention the repayments on the cars they bought. The person who doesn’t want to work but resents the requirements of the benefits they receive along with the lack of money that inroads their ability to live freely even though they have an abundance of time on their hands. All of these are representative of this 10, after having got what you wanted and then feeling burdened by it.

When this card appears in a spread it is time to think about what you were trying to achieve and if you did get exactly what you wanted, ask yourself what you missed, or acknowledge the responsibility that comes with achieving a goal. If you want children don’t just think about cuteness, think also about relationship strain, emotional drain and sleepless nights, thankless teens all of which at some point are a reality rather than a failure of your dream to deliver. If you think about loving someone think about what you are offering, what did you tell another person you were prepared to give? Factor change into every dream you have as change will hunt you down and give you a headache if you try to hold a pattern overly long it will come in the form of The Tower breaking down structures that are wearing down or were unsound to begin with.

The way to freedom is not having no responsibility but in accepting responsibility as part of any manifestation. Living in the now is simplicity itself as it accepts all of life as it is, as you have created it and as it will go forward with full and complete engagement.

Love; is it Always Conditional?

love me the way I want to be loved

love me the way I want to be loved

With so much hocus pocus around love, those with a spiritual bent have a real challenge accepting love for what it is, not because they are fussier than the rest of society but because too often  they see challenges in love as an indication that it isn’t the best love they could have. There seems to be an overriding ideal that a soulmate is a good love, that a twin flame is a special love and right there they have placed a condition on the love available to them. For those who don’t ascribe to the new age cliches there is less interest in giving love and more in taking it, and this i would say is the root of misguided love practices. Society is geared for change in the love relationship department, new laws around marriage are always in the news but, what is genuinely ignored is the ongoing and constant manipulation of property settlements. There is no doubt that we have less to say about who gets what than we do about who gets who.

There is so much effort put into splitting the treasure that it is evident that relationship breakdowns are not an unfortunate happenstance but an expected reality. My question is does’t anyone know how to give any more? There will always be relationship breakdowns but the numbers of them show clearly that there really isn’t enough thought or time given to getting to know someone before marriage or de facto commitments.  It seems to be a global pass time to get into living together to ‘see if we get on’. What a load of cobblers. if things are not going well you have no room to move, if you need some space to work things out there is no where to go and if you find it isn’t what you want, there is a world of effort in moving out after having moved in. What are modern couples so scared of that they can’t take the time to get to know each other? Please note, I didn’t say young couples.

As i see it conditional love is not about another person, it is about yourself. You are a protagonist of conditional love in your life if you are looking for what someone can do for you. When you want someone to make YOU happy, when you want someone to fit into YOUR dreams, when you want someone to fit their life around YOUR life, you leave little or no room for theirs. ‘I will love you as long as you fit into my ideal’, is the ultimate in relationship follies, just as expecting compromise subverts willingness when love comes into question, the difference being, you are not compromising anything when you are willingly making an adjustment. Why not look at the relationship line and see what strength and commitment it has. it certainly won’t survive being put on the line at every challenge whether that is in your mind, attitude or behaviour.

If you can’t ask yourself what is best for everyone involved and make changes accordingly you are likely to be a victim of self indulgence, but what are you indulging really when you make love and commitment conditional on getting your way? I don’t believe there is any such thing as unconditional love, there is just love and when exercised properly it is a wondrous thing, funny, painful, fulfilling and unsatisfying all at varying times, when love is understood it is the multiplicity of what and who we can love that creates the foundation of a loving and enjoyable life.  What love isn’t is a schedule of expected behaviours, withdrawal or inflicting of pain on another, it isn’t control or hard work, these are the reality of conditions, another person must toe the line or lose something of themselves to make you feel comfortable regardless of what it costs them, ultimately this type of conditional living will cost you your relationship.

Tarot Tips: 7 of Cups

7 of cups

7 of cups

Tarot Tips: 7 of cups, this is a card of prayer, wishful thinking also commonly known as putting it out there. Intention has power only when it is backed up by action, only when there is a device in place to take opportunities as they present themselves, to work past obstacles. Challenges take many forms but usually start within the mind moving outward to alter our perception and behaviour.

This 7 suggests the questor is challenged to make something real, to move past a state of mind and into a state of actualizing the dream, the desire. If there is a wish for a relationship with a person who loves someone else or who doesn’t have the same feelings, this card says it is time to bring in the energy underlying the wish, that is the desire to be loved and love. if the desire is for a better job, it will not present itself unless you make it known that you are looking, and face the unpleasantness of rejection while on your way to the job of your dreams. If your life is not how you wish it to be, staring up at the sky an praying for a miracle will offer you less reward than stating your case, voicing your needs or actively making a change that will set you back on the right path. At any point you can turn around, at any point you can let something go or initiate something new. It is rarely painless but one thing is for living, if you don’t start now, you may find yourself questioning your value.

Even the often used word deserve suggests if you don’t have it, on some level you don’t deserve it while all those that do are deserving. A terrible religious hangover, if you don’t have what you want, all you need to do is face the material reality of the world and take the steps large or small to manifest and make concrete those wonderful imaginings of your mind without limiting the potential by belief and expectation.

Are You Free Spirited?

Being a Free Spirit is about doing what brings you joy regardless of what that is, opposition, or what others think.  It is not about doing nothing, ignoring responsibilities, taking drugs or exploring addictions. There are a multitude of people who are co dependent, there are a multitude of those who think that their traumas are worse than others simply because they have not developed the character to use those experiences in ways that are creative, preferring instead to hold the world, their families and their friends ransom in an effort to make anyone responsible for their happiness or misery. I love the ideal of being free spirited while recognizing that very few can make a claim to be that, starting out with an ideal can quickly turn into being trapped when reality and duty overwhelm lifestyle and joy.
It is not so difficult though, to have your lifestyle dictate the terms of your obligations so that they reflect your personality rather than altering your personality and dreams to fit in with a weighty life model. Do you need a mortgage if you want to travel the world? Do you need to work 60 hours a week if you just want to enjoy your kids? Do you need a degree if you want a job that is not going to take over your life? I have a sister who wanted a dream property, she and her husband sweated and put a huge effort into getting what they wanted, then they wanted it to be better so refinanced what would have been a mortgage free home, only to work and pay that off to find over 4-5 year cycles the continued improvement of the property has left them feeling ill  with financial distress as they approach retirement age. Over the last 10 years it has become noticeable that when they talk of travel, going fishing or even taking short trips, their resources have been used by this property or the needs of the property force them to say no to things they have always enjoyed in the past. It is evident that at a time when they could well be enjoying their later years, they have consistently applied more and more pressure to themselves as they fit the dream while living the harsh reality of creating and maintaining.A truly free spirit would ask themselves if this is reflecting the dream of if they have become caught up in something larger and more important than their life experience.
A free spirit would always be seeking  freedom of choice, not freedom from responsibility and caring. This means that when your dream no longer fits you, there is always another choice, we talk about people like this quite a bit, few though they may be, They can build an empire and yet walk away when they have exhausted their own creative potential, they can surf every day only to wake up one day and decide they want to own a nice home and they can build a family then realising their family has grown run off to explore the world. A true free spirit knows they never make a bad choice, because freedom means taking responsibility for the choices you make and knowing that you can always make another. Meeting your obligations doesn’t mean being dictated by them, it means you are in the creative zone, the only question you need to ask yourself is are you building a wall or a road. When you fit your choices in with the lifestyle you want, you will always have plenty of energy and you will always feel you are doing what you want to do. You will always have the resources to do what you want, when you work toward that lifestyle rather than creating one thing exclusively to the detriment of all other things. Lifestyle is about the whole. a house is not a lifestyle, a car is not a lifestyle neither are addictions or jobs. All of these things though, can take precious resources and prevent us from being a free spirit floating through life in a way that always reflects our happiness rather than our obligations, being creative is the fountain of youth, reinvention and the ability to know when your dream life no longer reflects your dream and then choosing again are all aspects familiar to the free spirit.