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Tarot Tips: The Hermit


There are times we need to follow our inner knowing rather than seeking information or validation beyond ourselves.

The Hermit, when he appears in the cards it is a time to rely on instinct rather than intuition, inner knowledge rather than counsel and lessons learned turned to knowledge. Walking the corridor between one experience and another can feel like a lonely time when it is more accurately alone time, it offers you the opportunity to Q&A your own growth as well as to mature with understanding of your own role in your life both past and present. It is not a card of the past or the future it is a card of the present where you must be like the wolf, following no one and being prepared to change tack in an instant where necessary disregarding your own belief structures and behaviour patterns. There is security in living a pattern of the past in that if offers no surprises for the future, you really do know the outcomes of the structures you have put in place for the simple reason you are guaranteed to have lived them more than once. If they have not worked for you, then it is time to employ the hermit and teach yourself a new way forward based on what you know is right for you in regards to the life you wish to live


Candle Magic: Fire up your Affirmations


Affirmations can offer magical outcomes that seem to just work into your life without effort. They encourage synchronicity and allow you to be alert for the right opportunities to really dig into manifestations.

Candle Magic is the first of 4 TV shows all looking at how to bring some magic into your life. Followed by Symbol Magic where energy symbols are used to gain specific results or to place you in a specific frequency that enables things to come to you right down to ensuring your timing is bang on, the following week will be Crystal Magic using earth oriented frequencies to change aspects of your character or habits that may be hindering you and lastly Affirmation Magic to put into words your hearts desire, your determination, your required change all working together to create a single focus energy helping you toward an outcome you desire.

This can be a self development or a manifestation, a change in a life situation or interaction. You will find how amazing it is to  put in a single and sustained projection of yourself and your attention to get results quickly and cleanly.

Chakra Reading

Dorothy's Aura

a quick look at Dorothy’s aura

Proper diagnosis and reading of auras and chakras may be interesting for the curious, it is a must know for aura/chakra readers, clairvoyants and energy therapists.

I was recently asked a question in public forum which i answered, and this lead to being asked a specific question about the colours, which in turn had me describing how i read the chakras i was referring to, here is a part of the initial response to a general reading request, followed by the explanation when she asked what the colours meant.

the partial answer to protect her future projection and her privacy *yea i know it was a public forum but it wasn’t this one

yay the smoking buzz… gotta say that the changes in your body will have a lot to do with the doldrums , but don’t panic they don’t last long and you will be proud of yourself, and on that note i believe it will be the first thing in a long time you are proud of about yourself. so i can honestly say that i am STILL proud of having become a non smoker and now it has been 14 years.

I get the impression you have spent quite a lot of time from an early age not being satisfied with yourself, this comes from an unidentifiable point for you, and that means you probably just don’t get whats wrong with and may ask yourself that question a lot. From about 4 years this became a prominent feature and you may have been a sullen child. I believe you had a depressed parent or one that took drugs or medications that gave the emotional disconnection that depression does.

your heart chakra radiates a mauve that dips down at the front and darkens to a muddy green as you look toward the top inside of the chakra, this turns to a deep blue at the spine and comes out the back in a very whispy reddish blue, not purple you understand. It will be quite tricky for you to stay with the moment when it comes to love, and with that i get the impression of fierce hugs, this may be you with your child. or any loved one. the fierceness of the hugs is determination and perhaps something you want to look at and release when you feel it. It is as if you are lost and the fierce hug is a determined effort to stay with it, to stay or return to the love moment, It is certainly an interesting energy.

the explanation of the colours that she asked for:

hi and you are welcome.

the colours are both individual and in relation to each other when it comes to interpretation. there is also where they are on and in the body and the shade of the colour to take into note.

the solar plexus interpretation has a few areas to look at, 1. the colours were flowing from front to the back, this means that you have in the past struggled with following through with your intentions due to early life trauma, This also means you quite likely had those in your life that represented the ery things that you didn’t want in your life. You would have felt out of control a lot of the time and been at a loss as to how to deal with that./ this is where the early age information came from

the same goes for the heart energy, it flows from front to back (energy always flows in two directions, but when i say this it means predominantly or the greater flow)

the mauve at the heart is a little muddied up, it can be accepting of others to your own detriment  it can be hard for you to see the reality of the situation when love is involved and you will cling to the ideal of love, even in negative situations. nice and clear this colour would indicate acceptance through trial. that is to say accepting others based on your own life experiences and your responses to them leads you to have compassion for those behaviours in others rather than simply accepting who they are regardless of their behaviours. The difference is, feeling inclined toward someone with bad because you know or believe they had bad experiences, rather than staying away from that person, while having compassion for why they are the way they are, but accepting that they will not treat you well, or that they may not have appropriate feelings or caring for others. that can be translated to narcissism and sociopaths, 

the heart chakra dipping down to the solar plexus, means that you don’t  stay in your heart energy that it becomes an intention in itself. so you will defer happiness or love. for living somewhere, financial security or to keep the ideal alive, this can come across as clingy or determined to hold things together even when you know in your heart it is not a good thing. it can be seen as a form of self abuse, as smoking is x

the deep blue at the spine indicates that you want to be independent and stand up for yourself you would think the thoughts, you would criticize yourself when you don’t. and you would know inside yourself what you need to do, whether you do it or not, this energy leads to self criticism because you know what you need to do, rather than being ignorant of requirements, so when you don’t it can lead to back aches and deeper depressions. the sort that seem to have no origin, 

the whispy red and blue drizzling out the back of this area, will comes from inflammation in the body (back ache) and shows the areas of suppressed anger at having something taken from you, the two colours should blend and be purple but have not, this is where i get the information about a early life traumas, you have not evolved a behaviour or feeling related to that experience, when it asserts itself it will be angry perhaps a bit spiteful, and then you won’t like yourself for letting it out, so you push it back. xx this is also the part that had me calling you a brave girl. if you undertake some therapy these two energies can potentially blend and become a lovely purple shade, and the flow will balance reintroducing them into the body, which will both cool inflamed body tissue but also cool the emotions. the purple will become what it is meant to be which is experience, and knowing, leading to good choices and independence through right action, attitude and assertion. xx 

Dorothy's Aura

a quick look at Dorothy’s aur

Body Centred Healing: FEAR

Fear is “an unpleasant and often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.“ Fear is completely natural and helps people to recognize and respond to dangerous situations and threats. Without fear it would impossible to balance risk with outcomes and therefore it would be difficult to assess safety in situations, what we are talking about then is irrational fear.

What is fear?

There are a few types of fear, the first being responsive fear, or fear based on a real situation. If someone or something hurts you, you have a reason to fear it in the future. The second is predictive fear. This is rooted in dangerous situations, things that are known to be dangerous that cause a person to avoid a threat in the first place, for example, checking for traffic before crossing the road. This is essentially taught fears, where you may not have experienced the threat in life, but have been taught safety as a survival skill.

After that comes exaggerated or emotional fear which involves an individual “recalling past fears or occurrences and injecting them into a current situation. This type of fear is particularly relevant to conflict. Emotional fear affects the way people handle conflicted situations. This fear relates to avoidance, which is somewhere between  responsive and taught fear, there is usually an actual event in the past, but it may have no bearing on what presents as fear in the present. For example, one may have experienced fear as a child in abusive situations and in the present may fear meeting new people, In other cases this fear can have a reality base, for example again, in an abusive situation the child may have feared being left alone with a person, as an adult they may find it hard to be alone and yet being alone also represents safety, When unable to put the past event and the current fear together as a responsive fear a person may recognize events surrounding the fear but is unable to isolate the actual cause. Identification can save years of counselling and healing that doesn’t return the result of removing the fear.

Little Albert learned to fear white rats in the 1920s, rats learned to fear a simple noise more than 80 years later. Scientist Mark Barad of UCLA performed an experiment in which he and his team combined a noise with an electric shock. They would play the tone and then immediately apply a shock to the metal floor of the rats’ cage. It was classical conditioning, and it didn’t take long for the rats to brace themselves for the shock as soon as they heard the sound. At that point, their Amygdalas paired the sound with the shock, and the sound created a fear response. The researchers then began the process of fear-extinction training, in which they made the sound but did not apply the shock. After hearing the sound very often without the shock, the rats stopped fearing the noise. Fear without threat is a learned response

5. In the aura fear is usually represented At the rear, the spine area is nearly always involved, back, upper arms, hamstring, back of knees, calves, ankles and heels. This often represents trust issues which in in itself presents unique problems around resolving or self healing using fear extinction. Some people do this naturally at some point in life, they just get tired of being scared and start doing the things they want to do anyway, after a relatively short time the fear dissipates, as a strategy this can be viewed as desensitization and really does work. If you recognize this in yourself and you determine to do things differently, your life will change for the better in that area if not all areas.

What happens when we experience sudden fear?

The Hippocampus: cements Response to threat in long term memory. Saliva decreases as digestive system slows, the thyroid raises resting metabolic rate and lung bronchioles dilate taking in more oxygen. Your Spleen contracts and pumps out white blood cells  while blood pressure & Heart rate spike. The Stomach and gastrointestinal vessels contract  and the Amygdala sends out an all system alarm the Hypothalamus triggers the Pituitary and nervous System causing your bodies major organs to prepare for action, Pituitary calls thyroid and adrenal system to action and skin vessels constrict causing chills and sweat. Adrenal medulla floods blood Stream with adrenaline and Noradrenaline while the Liver breaks down glycogen.. phew. There’s a lot going on, this in a real fear situation is seen as the body preparing to save itself, in a panic attack you have no action to focus on, no action to release and use the systems that are set up, all you have to do, is focus on how awful you feel, it can feel like having a heart attack. as the body turns in on itself in confusion.

All of these responses without action are what a person FEARS when they are faced with situations, they have a conditioned response which comes into play when there is any similarity in the current experience. but unlike the mice, for some reason, even when there are years of being free of the original event, even when there are years of having no threat, the individual continues to act as if the threat is real. Why is that? perhaps it is because unlike the mice, man can think further ahead, and can anticipate something well into the future or perhaps it is because man is capable of a broader range of emotions, like guilt and shame. Another possibility is a simple lack of development in the area of responsibility and consequence which is exacerbated by avoidance of challenging situations, if the development of the fear is very young there can be confusion between anxiety and the very simple ‘i don’t want to’ of a child.

Either way the only way past a body response to a past event involves creating a new conditioned response that counters the original fear response. While studies situate the Amygdala as the location of fear memories formed by conditioning, scientists theorize that fear-extinction memories form in the Amygdala but then are transferred to the medial Prefrontal cortex (MPFC)for storage. The new memory created by fear extinction resides in the MPFC and attempts to override the fear memory triggered in the Amygdala. This is important as this is also the recognized area of current activity and consequence or predictive thinking.

Fear extinction

According to the National institute of health, in excess of 19 million people in the United States alone suffer from irrational fear responses. These disorders include general anxiety disorder, panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

When faced with a situation that we fear we can train ourselves to have a relaxation response instead of a stress response This needs to be a deliberate and repeated practice that will ultimately override the original tendency to panic, Methods to practice include meditation, conscious distraction, facing the fear by deed or action and a controlled relaxation response.  Anything’s got to be better than just going with the fear right? Part of learning to manage fear is learning to accept the sensation or anxiety, that can be what many other people experience as nervousness, this is essentially, controlled fear.

Risk and outcomes are weighted against each other and an individual simply decides it’s worth it, in this is the root of any victim style mental processing, The thought that no one else experiences your weakness, your fears or your guilt, when the truth is they do, they just manage it when they need to, face it when it is important and there is something valuable to gain, or charge through it to get to the other side, driven by the hope that life will be better there.


Fear can lead to a life of running away from things altering the course of your future in a damaging way manifesting the lesser of two evils rather than a creative drive toward ones desires.

Your anxiety level is directly related to perception, the bigger you make the problem the less power you have. Look honestly at the worst case scenario to introduce proportion, Communicate your fears to gain clarity and a fresh perspective and don’t get angry at those who inform you that your fear is irrational. I have often seen clients who say to family and friends that they don’t understand and there is merit in this, but there is also merit in that the person suffering an anxiety disorder doesn’t understand the variables that rate from nervousness to fear that others work through, There is great value in acknowledging that you don’t necessarily have a greater fear than the next guy, what is different is what you do with that fear, the worst cases of anxiety always, absolutely always, involve years of avoidance.

Conversely If someone communicates a fear to you try not to dismiss it out of hand, vulnerability is not weakness and if they communicate a fear, they are also asking for help in some way, You will know if they are not and just looking for a way to be enabled how you help someone is up to you, enabling though leads to greater problems in the future.

Self Healing is the new Black!!!

Body Centred healing: the head

the body in relation to the emotions is a constantly changing environment

When it comes to healing your own life it can seem that many obstacles can impede a forward direction. Too often there is only one thing actually causing the problem, this is usually simply an unwillingness to make a change or to explore a new perspective or attitude.

It seems we are all too willing to defend a strategy in life, career or relationships that has not worked, this doesn’t mean it never worked. in fact it may have been the perfect strategy a number of years ago, Life has a way of changing, having babies, moving homes, increasing responsibilites and even discovering a new desire all require flexibility in life goals if we are not to end up resentful or feeling as though life just isn’t delivering what we had hoped for.

Many spend years trying to heal self, to be better people, parents or partners only to find true happiness still eludes, this has the potential to become depression or anxiety, the origin for which is not always in a deep and unconscious past. it is possible, but not always the case. Sometimes we have simply lost the ability to enjoy the moment, always feeling that there must be something more, or that there has to be some special life purpose to feel valued.

Well i have news for you, YOU are your life purpose! yep that’s it, you. Not your kids, not your partner and not your job, hobby or special talents. These things reflect where you are in life, what you desire and what you want to express, but they are not your purpose. Your kids will grow up and leave home, your partner may or may not be with you in future and your career choices could as easily change as your maturity seeks new ways of expressing itself.

Healing the past may need to be explored for some, but i believe we should move past such healing as quickly as possible, and it is possible simply by correctly identifying the core issue (not the events, most know exactly what went on in their lives) and then finding the best and fastest way to evolve past that core issue. or issues as the case may be. For most with the appropriate identification you would be looking at 3months to a year,. after that it should be all about natural evolution rather than self healing. There is a danger of self healing becoming a life mission and in this it is a very self centred aim indeed and very unsatisfying.

Moving beyond healing the past means moving beyond healing and into living in the moment, living for the future and living! Think about how marvellous it would be to simply deal with problems, hurts,relationships and growth in a moment by moment state of mind, rather than stacking all of ones life experiences up to weight down that moment. Perhaps you would like to try this exercise:: read it through then simply do it ,, enjoy.

close your eyes,. feel your body, and allow yourself to breathe in 5 nice deep breaths, breathe in through the nose, *from the tummy, and breathe out through the mouth

once you feel sufficiently relaxed, allow yourself to imagine a black cloud above your head, make it as black and fluffy as you can. allow it to expand,, until it covers your head, folding down over your brow your eyes, your ears ,, then your nose, mouth and throat, front and back… allow the cloud to expand until your entire body is within,

the black cloud is like standing in a black fog, imagine it tickling your nose as the black cloud starts to flow into your nose with every breath in, imagine it spreading into your lungs, try not to resist as you allow it to flow into every organ, every muscle, all your bodily fluids, your bones, through your blood stream every cell of your body infused with the black fog.

allow yourself to simply feel your body, take note of any area of pain, any area of discomfort,, in the first place you feel discomfort, no matter where it is, allow your hands to wander to that area, allow them to just sit over that area. if it is unreachable allow your hands to rest on the opposite and reachable place, if it is your feet  place your hands on yoru knees but keep your mind on your feet

imagine the black thick and velvety running through your heart,, into your shoulders, down your arms and out your hands into the area causing issue, just relax, and allow that part of your body, to share a memory with you. Your body never forgets any experience, ever. emotional, physical, mental, it makes no difference, your body remembers. let your body release the tension by sharing a memory…

relax, release the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring your focus back into the space you are in,. allow yourself be fully present,

if there are a number of areas or problems repeat the exercise another time. always taking the first discomfort only until you feel you have gained all you can from the exercise. x

if you have any questions or want to describe your experiences using this technique i would love to hear about them or answer them

If you think you are sick, you are. If you think you are well, you are. The Nocebo affect


Molecules of Emotion, Dr Candace Pert is one of the revolutionary scientists who bought forward the understanding of the emotional, mind connection to physiology. She along with many cellular scientists have firmly implanted this understanding via their books and movies such as what the bleep do we know? Why have they taken such a direct approach to reaching the public? Because even with overwhelming evidence of this truth, medical practices still barely acknowledge this truth when dealing with their clients. This also means the information was not being passed on to you, with proof that there is no such thing as hereditary disorder and a body’s innate capability to heal from virtually any point before 25% organ damage,  you are left without the understanding necessary to heal yourself. Is this because it is new knowledge? No. Candace made her discoveries in the late 80’s, and being validated by other molecular scientists including Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Fritz-Albert Popp and physicists like  Dr Fred Alan Wolf to name but a few.

It has become increasingly clear that entering into a state of mental health, will also encourage a state of physical well being (see core healing: 7 root causes of disease). So when trying to heal yourself what goes wrong?


From my experience as an energy therapist and also as an Hypnotherapist, the problem arises in first misdirecting attention, instead of focusing on the origin of problems, there is a tendency to focus on the symptoms, In a modern world there is so much emphasis on relieving pain, both physical and emotional, that scant attention is given to how that pain came about. Living life in a cycle of emotional pain is as devastating to health over time, as driving into a brick wall, going just fast enough to do major damage, but not fast enough to be fatal.

Cognitive therapies fall apart at the seams as they require a level of self-diagnosis, Where a person has a clear idea of events but not necessarily how much they were affected by them, this therapy can be invaluable, however, if a person is in no way aware of events things get to be a little trickier. As a result the tendency is to deal with the symptoms. It is too easy to follow the simplistic route and suggest that Mr X has an anger problem because he was abused as a child. The reality of human emotions is far more complex than that, there are many Mr Y’s who were abused and are not angry so if anger issues are a direct result of treatment by another, why does it not affect everyone?

The answer lies in the origin of the anger and not the situations that lead up to it. identifying core issues, is about what you did with the experience, that is how you felt, your attitude and your responding behaviour, all which contribute to the state of your mind now. Anger is more often a direct result of ones attitude to both experience and performance in the face of it, this means if you should have told someone and didn’t you are immediately a consensual part of the situation or events. More often than not, this is what on-going anger is about; one’s own failings, guilt and behaviours. It is a huge subject, so this is just to give an inkling of how far off course seeking a core issue can go.  Self-observation can work well in a self-healing program, but only if one can be brutally honest while also setting aside self-criticism and judgement of others and so allow those creeping thoughts and feelings to become apparent. Self-healing is far from impossible, in fact  it is very practical, your body knows what it needs to do to repair, so all you need to focus on is isolating the point of origin which can range from conception, to the present moment.

In the body there is for the most part, a long period of time where the disorder presents itself in a nominal or intermittent way, it is at this time that the tendency to ignore, take pain killers and generally carry on can lead to even bigger more debilitating consequences. Learning to listen to your body (see Body Centred Healing), will lead you on a journey of self-discovery that offers freedom from pain, while seeking solutions rather than seeking pain relief.

Affirmations: The Key to Success


You look in the mirror, you say, “I am beautiful, I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.” So why aren’t you?

When you make an `I AM’ statement it can be damaging rather than affirmative if you don’t believe it. There is also the risk of thinking that using a positive affirmation will heal your life. the chances are high that they simply won’t, at least not on their own. There is no merit in making self-statements that cover up real problems, or that reinforce a lack of belief in yourself.  That is to say, if you make a statement and don’t believe it, you can’t help but recognize that you are lying to yourself. This is soul destroying stuff and yet propagated by author after author of self-help and spiritual books.

The most powerful statements you can make are always going to be achievable and therefore believable. For this reason making a future statement has more value if you are using the above model. I feel that you can do better by staying in the present and making statements about the actions you are taking every day to bring about that success, that beauty or that good relationship. If you acknowledge that the only thing you can change in the world is yourself, you are more than halfway there. In the area of relationships, it needs to be said, it is not an affirmation to state, “I attract loving relationships.” this is a nice thing to put into your psyche, but the question remains, what are you going to be to achieve it? Addressing what you believe about relationships, your ability to make a good choice and also being honest about what you need to change within yourself, all go a long way to creating the very thing you desire. An affirmation is reinforcing belief or a reminder of action required.

An example of what you might say to yourself in the model of success could be,”I will make only good choices today.” as a daily affirmation, this can only lead you into good spaces, regardless of what you are trying to achieve in the long run. It is a statement of intention, “I will” statements that are made regularly, even daily or multiple times a day to start with, bring stunning results over a relatively short period of time. These are not indeterminate statements for an obscure future, but daily affirmations, which is exactly what affirmations should be, Occasional affirmations are more of a jolly along and have merit for that purpose, to get through tough moments in life by affirming that life will get better.

Using affirmations to correct negative internal dialogue is a fast track to changing attitudes and as such can completely change your life. That inner dialogue is worth a look, it is reflected in communication styles and how others perceive you. If you find you have problems with a range of people or situations in life, it is time to take control and evolve this inner dialogue to reflect who you are as a person, rather than what you have been taught through life experience.  A good approach is to take the negative and construct an opposing positive; this then acts as an interrupter of an habitual thought process. An example of this would be, “Nothing ever works for me, and “switches to” Everything I do turns into success.”

The method as an interrupter is to first pay attention to the inner dialogue, and catch the thought as soon as it springs into mind, Before you make your positive statement you need the switch, this goes something like, ” Nothing ever works for me,”  ‘Stop, I am not doing that anymore. From now on, everything I do turns into success.”

Energy Therapies: Core Healing: 7 Root causes of Disease

Core Healing is designed to reveal the base energy and experience that altered the way you experience life. You need to know why you do what you do, but you also need to acknowledge that you do it and not just buy into an ongoing angst over the initial experiences and trauma.