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This is an area of spiritual and personal awareness. The aim of Energy Work is to develop a universal consciousness, For some this is intimate and oriented to their lives for others this is expanded to either help others or become aware of the subtle energies that influence our every interaction.

Healing the Past

  There is a huge difference between healing the past and living in it, for many it becomes a life mission devoted to self which is usually the opposite to the desired outcome. There are those who are self oriented, using the ideal of healing as finding a legitimate way to focus on self without recrimination or guilt, and still others find that unanswerable question of why me can hold them in cognitive therapies for years without a genuine release from the circumstances that initiated enough damage to require healing while ignoring that their own behaviours take over where that circumstance left off. Psychics are forever rooting current issues into past lives, potentially causing damage as a person in pain will grab onto anything that assuages any feelings of guilt, fear, anger and grief. If there is one thing we have become adept at it would be avoidance, evasion and denial, a trifecta of destructive patterning. Healing should be a transient focus, initially perhaps engaging a number of strategies to resolve longstanding problems, but any past …

Self Healing is the new Black!!!

When it comes to healing your own life it can seem that many obstacles can impede a forward direction. Too often there is only one thing actually causing the problem, this is usually simply an unwillingness to make a change or to explore a new perspective or attitude. It seems we are all too willing to defend a strategy in life, career or relationships that has not worked, this doesn’t mean it never worked. in fact it may have been the perfect strategy a number of years ago, Life has a way of changing, having babies, moving homes, increasing responsibilites and even discovering a new desire all require flexibility in life goals if we are not to end up resentful or feeling as though life just isn’t delivering what we had hoped for. Many spend years trying to heal self, to be better people, parents or partners only to find true happiness still eludes, this has the potential to become depression or anxiety, the origin for which is not always in a deep and unconscious …

Energy Therapies: Core Healing: 7 Root causes of Disease

Core Healing is designed to reveal the base energy and experience that altered the way you experience life. You need to know why you do what you do, but you also need to acknowledge that you do it and not just buy into an ongoing angst over the initial experiences and trauma.  

healing through the quantum field

Cells have protein receptors that sense and respond to specific environmental signals, some respond to physical signals and others recognize and respond to vibrational energy fields such as light, sound and radio frequencies, the antennas on these energy receptors vibrate like tuning forks, when an energy vibration in the environment resonates with a receptor’s antenna it will alter the proteins charge causing it to change shape, (Tsong 1989, “Deciphering the language of cells”, trends in biochemical sciences) There are two types of electromagnetic effects on living matter: thermal effects and non-thermal effects.Thermal effects induce an increase of entropic disorder in the target, until at adequate frequencies and power levels, the effects of ionization develop. The non-thermal effects are not the result of the transfer of erratic movement by means of an increase of kinetic energy, but rather, in line with the theories of the coherence of condensed matter, they can transmit information that would produce order in the bio-structures involved. The information content of the electromagnetic waves would depend strictly and specifically on the waveform, the string of waves, and …