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Weight Loss Hypnosis, 1 hour $4,99 download to any device by Dorothy Holder Dip.CHyp ……


weight loss hypnosis has a moderate effect when generic, it will always work as long as you know what YOUR issue is, at $4.99 it certainly couldn’t be cheaper for an hour hypnotherapy, although you would need to be clear of what you are trying to achieve with eating issues to select the right session or choose a couple to cover bases, that is why overeaters is also a great option, in tandem these two together are hard to beat.

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i am a Clairvoyant Energy Therapist supporting my clients with the skills of Aura Diagnosis, Clairvoyance and Hypnotherapy. Visit me on youtube or check out our EnergyTherapies community on G+ for regular updates and lots of free info of an esoteric nature. Fun, Exciting and not a little bit naughty at times. Check out my blogs and website for Free readings, Tarot and much more. If you are a Tarot enthusiast you may like my book Learn Tarot available worldwide in paperback or Ebook.

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