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Tarot Tips: 7 of Cups

7 of cups

7 of cups

Tarot Tips: 7 of cups, this is a card of prayer, wishful thinking also commonly known as putting it out there. Intention has power only when it is backed up by action, only when there is a device in place to take opportunities as they present themselves, to work past obstacles. Challenges take many forms but usually start within the mind moving outward to alter our perception and behaviour.

This 7 suggests the questor is challenged to make something real, to move past a state of mind and into a state of actualizing the dream, the desire. If there is a wish for a relationship with a person who loves someone else or who doesn’t have the same feelings, this card says it is time to bring in the energy underlying the wish, that is the desire to be loved and love. if the desire is for a better job, it will not present itself unless you make it known that you are looking, and face the unpleasantness of rejection while on your way to the job of your dreams. If your life is not how you wish it to be, staring up at the sky an praying for a miracle will offer you less reward than stating your case, voicing your needs or actively making a change that will set you back on the right path. At any point you can turn around, at any point you can let something go or initiate something new. It is rarely painless but one thing is for living, if you don’t start now, you may find yourself questioning your value.

Even the often used word deserve suggests if you don’t have it, on some level you don’t deserve it while all those that do are deserving. A terrible religious hangover, if you don’t have what you want, all you need to do is face the material reality of the world and take the steps large or small to manifest and make concrete those wonderful imaginings of your mind without limiting the potential by belief and expectation.

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