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Candle Magic: Fire up your Affirmations


Affirmations can offer magical outcomes that seem to just work into your life without effort. They encourage synchronicity and allow you to be alert for the right opportunities to really dig into manifestations.

Candle Magic is the first of 4 TV shows all looking at how to bring some magic into your life. Followed by Symbol Magic where energy symbols are used to gain specific results or to place you in a specific frequency that enables things to come to you right down to ensuring your timing is bang on, the following week will be Crystal Magic using earth oriented frequencies to change aspects of your character or habits that may be hindering you and lastly Affirmation Magic to put into words your hearts desire, your determination, your required change all working together to create a single focus energy helping you toward an outcome you desire.

This can be a self development or a manifestation, a change in a life situation or interaction. You will find how amazing it is to  put in a single and sustained projection of yourself and your attention to get results quickly and cleanly.


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