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Chakra Reading

Dorothy's Aura

a quick look at Dorothy’s aura

Proper diagnosis and reading of auras and chakras may be interesting for the curious, it is a must know for aura/chakra readers, clairvoyants and energy therapists.

I was recently asked a question in public forum which i answered, and this lead to being asked a specific question about the colours, which in turn had me describing how i read the chakras i was referring to, here is a part of the initial response to a general reading request, followed by the explanation when she asked what the colours meant.

the partial answer to protect her future projection and her privacy *yea i know it was a public forum but it wasn’t this one

yay the smoking buzz… gotta say that the changes in your body will have a lot to do with the doldrums , but don’t panic they don’t last long and you will be proud of yourself, and on that note i believe it will be the first thing in a long time you are proud of about yourself. so i can honestly say that i am STILL proud of having become a non smoker and now it has been 14 years.

I get the impression you have spent quite a lot of time from an early age not being satisfied with yourself, this comes from an unidentifiable point for you, and that means you probably just don’t get whats wrong with and may ask yourself that question a lot. From about 4 years this became a prominent feature and you may have been a sullen child. I believe you had a depressed parent or one that took drugs or medications that gave the emotional disconnection that depression does.

your heart chakra radiates a mauve that dips down at the front and darkens to a muddy green as you look toward the top inside of the chakra, this turns to a deep blue at the spine and comes out the back in a very whispy reddish blue, not purple you understand. It will be quite tricky for you to stay with the moment when it comes to love, and with that i get the impression of fierce hugs, this may be you with your child. or any loved one. the fierceness of the hugs is determination and perhaps something you want to look at and release when you feel it. It is as if you are lost and the fierce hug is a determined effort to stay with it, to stay or return to the love moment, It is certainly an interesting energy.

the explanation of the colours that she asked for:

hi and you are welcome.

the colours are both individual and in relation to each other when it comes to interpretation. there is also where they are on and in the body and the shade of the colour to take into note.

the solar plexus interpretation has a few areas to look at, 1. the colours were flowing from front to the back, this means that you have in the past struggled with following through with your intentions due to early life trauma, This also means you quite likely had those in your life that represented the ery things that you didn’t want in your life. You would have felt out of control a lot of the time and been at a loss as to how to deal with that./ this is where the early age information came from

the same goes for the heart energy, it flows from front to back (energy always flows in two directions, but when i say this it means predominantly or the greater flow)

the mauve at the heart is a little muddied up, it can be accepting of others to your own detriment  it can be hard for you to see the reality of the situation when love is involved and you will cling to the ideal of love, even in negative situations. nice and clear this colour would indicate acceptance through trial. that is to say accepting others based on your own life experiences and your responses to them leads you to have compassion for those behaviours in others rather than simply accepting who they are regardless of their behaviours. The difference is, feeling inclined toward someone with bad because you know or believe they had bad experiences, rather than staying away from that person, while having compassion for why they are the way they are, but accepting that they will not treat you well, or that they may not have appropriate feelings or caring for others. that can be translated to narcissism and sociopaths, 

the heart chakra dipping down to the solar plexus, means that you don’t  stay in your heart energy that it becomes an intention in itself. so you will defer happiness or love. for living somewhere, financial security or to keep the ideal alive, this can come across as clingy or determined to hold things together even when you know in your heart it is not a good thing. it can be seen as a form of self abuse, as smoking is x

the deep blue at the spine indicates that you want to be independent and stand up for yourself you would think the thoughts, you would criticize yourself when you don’t. and you would know inside yourself what you need to do, whether you do it or not, this energy leads to self criticism because you know what you need to do, rather than being ignorant of requirements, so when you don’t it can lead to back aches and deeper depressions. the sort that seem to have no origin, 

the whispy red and blue drizzling out the back of this area, will comes from inflammation in the body (back ache) and shows the areas of suppressed anger at having something taken from you, the two colours should blend and be purple but have not, this is where i get the information about a early life traumas, you have not evolved a behaviour or feeling related to that experience, when it asserts itself it will be angry perhaps a bit spiteful, and then you won’t like yourself for letting it out, so you push it back. xx this is also the part that had me calling you a brave girl. if you undertake some therapy these two energies can potentially blend and become a lovely purple shade, and the flow will balance reintroducing them into the body, which will both cool inflamed body tissue but also cool the emotions. the purple will become what it is meant to be which is experience, and knowing, leading to good choices and independence through right action, attitude and assertion. xx 

Dorothy's Aura

a quick look at Dorothy’s aur


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