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Self Healing is the new Black!!!

Body Centred healing: the head

the body in relation to the emotions is a constantly changing environment

When it comes to healing your own life it can seem that many obstacles can impede a forward direction. Too often there is only one thing actually causing the problem, this is usually simply an unwillingness to make a change or to explore a new perspective or attitude.

It seems we are all too willing to defend a strategy in life, career or relationships that has not worked, this doesn’t mean it never worked. in fact it may have been the perfect strategy a number of years ago, Life has a way of changing, having babies, moving homes, increasing responsibilites and even discovering a new desire all require flexibility in life goals if we are not to end up resentful or feeling as though life just isn’t delivering what we had hoped for.

Many spend years trying to heal self, to be better people, parents or partners only to find true happiness still eludes, this has the potential to become depression or anxiety, the origin for which is not always in a deep and unconscious past. it is possible, but not always the case. Sometimes we have simply lost the ability to enjoy the moment, always feeling that there must be something more, or that there has to be some special life purpose to feel valued.

Well i have news for you, YOU are your life purpose! yep that’s it, you. Not your kids, not your partner and not your job, hobby or special talents. These things reflect where you are in life, what you desire and what you want to express, but they are not your purpose. Your kids will grow up and leave home, your partner may or may not be with you in future and your career choices could as easily change as your maturity seeks new ways of expressing itself.

Healing the past may need to be explored for some, but i believe we should move past such healing as quickly as possible, and it is possible simply by correctly identifying the core issue (not the events, most know exactly what went on in their lives) and then finding the best and fastest way to evolve past that core issue. or issues as the case may be. For most with the appropriate identification you would be looking at 3months to a year,. after that it should be all about natural evolution rather than self healing. There is a danger of self healing becoming a life mission and in this it is a very self centred aim indeed and very unsatisfying.

Moving beyond healing the past means moving beyond healing and into living in the moment, living for the future and living! Think about how marvellous it would be to simply deal with problems, hurts,relationships and growth in a moment by moment state of mind, rather than stacking all of ones life experiences up to weight down that moment. Perhaps you would like to try this exercise:: read it through then simply do it ,, enjoy.

close your eyes,. feel your body, and allow yourself to breathe in 5 nice deep breaths, breathe in through the nose, *from the tummy, and breathe out through the mouth

once you feel sufficiently relaxed, allow yourself to imagine a black cloud above your head, make it as black and fluffy as you can. allow it to expand,, until it covers your head, folding down over your brow your eyes, your ears ,, then your nose, mouth and throat, front and back… allow the cloud to expand until your entire body is within,

the black cloud is like standing in a black fog, imagine it tickling your nose as the black cloud starts to flow into your nose with every breath in, imagine it spreading into your lungs, try not to resist as you allow it to flow into every organ, every muscle, all your bodily fluids, your bones, through your blood stream every cell of your body infused with the black fog.

allow yourself to simply feel your body, take note of any area of pain, any area of discomfort,, in the first place you feel discomfort, no matter where it is, allow your hands to wander to that area, allow them to just sit over that area. if it is unreachable allow your hands to rest on the opposite and reachable place, if it is your feet  place your hands on yoru knees but keep your mind on your feet

imagine the black thick and velvety running through your heart,, into your shoulders, down your arms and out your hands into the area causing issue, just relax, and allow that part of your body, to share a memory with you. Your body never forgets any experience, ever. emotional, physical, mental, it makes no difference, your body remembers. let your body release the tension by sharing a memory…

relax, release the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring your focus back into the space you are in,. allow yourself be fully present,

if there are a number of areas or problems repeat the exercise another time. always taking the first discomfort only until you feel you have gained all you can from the exercise. x

if you have any questions or want to describe your experiences using this technique i would love to hear about them or answer them



i am a Clairvoyant Energy Therapist supporting my clients with the skills of Aura Diagnosis, Clairvoyance and Hypnotherapy. Visit me on youtube or check out our EnergyTherapies community on G+ for regular updates and lots of free info of an esoteric nature. Fun, Exciting and not a little bit naughty at times. Check out my blogs and website for Free readings, Tarot and much more. If you are a Tarot enthusiast you may like my book Learn Tarot available worldwide in paperback or Ebook.

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