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If you think you are sick, you are. If you think you are well, you are. The Nocebo affect


Molecules of Emotion, Dr Candace Pert is one of the revolutionary scientists who bought forward the understanding of the emotional, mind connection to physiology. She along with many cellular scientists have firmly implanted this understanding via their books and movies such as what the bleep do we know? Why have they taken such a direct approach to reaching the public? Because even with overwhelming evidence of this truth, medical practices still barely acknowledge this truth when dealing with their clients. This also means the information was not being passed on to you, with proof that there is no such thing as hereditary disorder and a body’s innate capability to heal from virtually any point before 25% organ damage,  you are left without the understanding necessary to heal yourself. Is this because it is new knowledge? No. Candace made her discoveries in the late 80’s, and being validated by other molecular scientists including Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Fritz-Albert Popp and physicists like  Dr Fred Alan Wolf to name but a few.

It has become increasingly clear that entering into a state of mental health, will also encourage a state of physical well being (see core healing: 7 root causes of disease). So when trying to heal yourself what goes wrong?


From my experience as an energy therapist and also as an Hypnotherapist, the problem arises in first misdirecting attention, instead of focusing on the origin of problems, there is a tendency to focus on the symptoms, In a modern world there is so much emphasis on relieving pain, both physical and emotional, that scant attention is given to how that pain came about. Living life in a cycle of emotional pain is as devastating to health over time, as driving into a brick wall, going just fast enough to do major damage, but not fast enough to be fatal.

Cognitive therapies fall apart at the seams as they require a level of self-diagnosis, Where a person has a clear idea of events but not necessarily how much they were affected by them, this therapy can be invaluable, however, if a person is in no way aware of events things get to be a little trickier. As a result the tendency is to deal with the symptoms. It is too easy to follow the simplistic route and suggest that Mr X has an anger problem because he was abused as a child. The reality of human emotions is far more complex than that, there are many Mr Y’s who were abused and are not angry so if anger issues are a direct result of treatment by another, why does it not affect everyone?

The answer lies in the origin of the anger and not the situations that lead up to it. identifying core issues, is about what you did with the experience, that is how you felt, your attitude and your responding behaviour, all which contribute to the state of your mind now. Anger is more often a direct result of ones attitude to both experience and performance in the face of it, this means if you should have told someone and didn’t you are immediately a consensual part of the situation or events. More often than not, this is what on-going anger is about; one’s own failings, guilt and behaviours. It is a huge subject, so this is just to give an inkling of how far off course seeking a core issue can go.  Self-observation can work well in a self-healing program, but only if one can be brutally honest while also setting aside self-criticism and judgement of others and so allow those creeping thoughts and feelings to become apparent. Self-healing is far from impossible, in fact  it is very practical, your body knows what it needs to do to repair, so all you need to focus on is isolating the point of origin which can range from conception, to the present moment.

In the body there is for the most part, a long period of time where the disorder presents itself in a nominal or intermittent way, it is at this time that the tendency to ignore, take pain killers and generally carry on can lead to even bigger more debilitating consequences. Learning to listen to your body (see Body Centred Healing), will lead you on a journey of self-discovery that offers freedom from pain, while seeking solutions rather than seeking pain relief.


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