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How do you make life changing choices?


I can’t remember who said it, but i do remember, and use often, the quote,’it takes only 5 seconds to make a life changing choice, the rest of the time we are just worrying about the consequences.

That means to me that making the choice is already a given and the rest of the time we worry about having made the wrong choice, the challenges that may come as a consequence and, last but not least, are we up to the game we are about to play. A lack of confidence is always in play at the beginning of any journey unless you are a fool or love to brave out life and be damned to the consequences. Not a bad philosophy if you are brazen enough.

For the rest of us outcomes and confidence are key players in decision making, If you feel you are a poor decision maker or that your choices never seem to work out for you, it may be time to look at the hidden elements in decision making rather than criticizing yourself or undermining your confidence.

The first hidden element is motive. Making any choice needs to include motive, why are you making your choice? What are you looking for in life? Do your options reflect what you are trying to achieve for yourself? It is easier to make any choice when you know it is taking you where you want to go, even if that choice will lead to challenges. At any time when making a choice consider the risks, if they are acceptable for what you are wanting to do or achieve, then you have already factored them in as part of the choice not an obstacle to the decision, accept them and get things under way life flows when we are decisive.

The second hidden element is, surprisingly for some, personal development. that is to say we know in advance whether our choice will lead to growth and challenge us in ways that we become a better person in some way. The opposite to that of course is when we know the choice will lead us back into a mire of the past where we recycle old patterns of behaviour, relationships or even just boredom. It is fair to say that we DO know when we are making a poor choice, this should rightly delay decisions.

As an hypnotherapist, i cannot ignore that some people have genuine difficulties with anxiety and confidence, If that is you it could be of benefit to look at the hypnosis option where a few session,(often only one) is all that stands between you and very real change. Have a wee read about that on http://www.energytherapies.co, to see if that is an option for you.

If you want to be a good decision maker, if you want to save time in your life by being effective when choices are required whether life changing or not so much, all you need to do is start with the appropriate agenda. That is YOUR abilities, YOUR requirements and YOUR desired outcomes. Factor in what lifestyle you want to live, not who you want to live with. Think about how you want to spend your time when working not what job or pay you will get.

lastly if you have serious doubts, treat them as part of the process and work through them, ignoring them is no worse than giving in to them. Making a decision is about considering pros and cons, weighing them up and then moving forward with what seems best, Making mistakes is a part of life, when you feel you have made a mistake it is simply time to make another decision. Beware of the common mistake of thinking you are making a decision which is a considered process rather than simply talking yourself into or out of a poor choice.




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  1. Five Quick Minutes says

    Newton’s Third Law of Physics…”for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So true to the laws of motion, and to emotions as well! You’re right, we spend a lot of time considering some decisions, and not enough time on others.

    We must know that every action has a reaction. The question really becomes ‘can we handle it?’ Because the reaction may be a life changing consequence. Good post, and we really appreciate your following us.


      • Five Quick Minutes says

        A great way to put it! Have a great day.


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