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Body Centred Healing

Body Centred healing: the head

the body in relation to the emotions is a constantly changing environment Body Centred Healing: An Experiential Guide (9781482079050): Dorothy Holder: Books.

Body Centred Healing: an experiential guide. available in both Ebook and paperback on amazon:: Constructive thinking allows you to focus on problems with an eye on solutions, this is relaxing in a surprising way, we feel more secure when we are making plans and seeking answers; excerpt Body Centred Healing an experiential guide.

This book is a true self healing tool, offering exercises along with information to help correct and restore balance to mind and body, using your body as a guide you will quickly find yourself in tune and able to not only heal the past but to deal more effectively with your present, conscious living is empowerment manifested. The habits you indulge in and the beliefs you have are a well recognized source of distress for your body, they can shorten life significantly. DNA studies over 3 generations showed where cellular evolution of children was still influenced by life experiences of their grandparents.

This today is an accepted variation of inheritance, you don’t inherit a disorder, you inherit a belief, you inherit a cellular preparedness or response to life and it’s challenges. These beliefs can be overridden by conscious choice but there is one major obstacle to this.Where they are not ‘learned’ behaviours and beliefs they are intertwined with our self image and as such it is difficult to disengage long enough to gain the insights required to create change.

For example you may be aware of a behaviour as undesirable and say things like, i am not going to be like my mother/father. It is no accident, our grandparents living through a great ‘depression’ that through some of last centuries war and financial disasters left a sense of futility that permeated many parts of the world, along with an attitude of scarcity consciousness, and the prevalence of depression and anxiety in our own adult generation.

It is my experience as a therapist that those saying that are in fact recognizing that they ARE in fact exhibiting those very same behaviours and attitudes. Recognition issues can be overcome by good old fashioned honesty although i am the first to admit this still relies on firstly recognizing what is going on. The best way to do that is gain objective assistance if your life and relationships are in a constant strife. This can be internalized as in depression or externalized as in anxiety. Great ways to drive a hole through barriers to change are personal development programs that incorporate  hypnosis and cognitive therapies, these courses present an opportunity to visit your Self in a way that is more open to truth. Once we have had a good look at who we are it is impossible to go back into a state of separation and so initiates a transformative awareness that within a matter of months or even weeks, can lead to feeling happier in general and improvements in temperament, relationships and achievements.

This book is a major player with it’s inclusion of the 7 root causes of disease and the process of recognition that goes with it, body identification guides for emotions, belief, habit and disease. These areas specifically give you tools of recognition that start with the body, listening to your body and making changes by using body awareness. Regardless of any spiritual teaching or understanding you may have, your life experience is dictated by your bodies ability to function.

Check out my body healing show from Aura TV below, or grab yourself the book to get started on your journey to health. If you would like to inquire about my programs just drop me a line to or visit my website for more information.

Your Body is constantly communicating emotional responses, sensitivities and issues, trying to shush your body can and lead to major disorders, similarly avoiding feeling can cause trauma for a number of reasons, ALL tension from ALL situations are held in the body, if you are worrying, it is not just a mind issue, it is a body issue. Anxiety, Depression and Anger are all slow but effective killers, they begin by killing your enjoyment of life, and proceed to inhibit your ability to be physically active. For the most part we will engage in behaviours that enable body issues and in these cases motivation to be healthy will come not from your body so much as from your attitude to life.


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