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Create a Vision Board

Over the years I have been shown many vision boards many of which have more to do with wishful thinking than creating and manifesting desires. It is popular to spread the idea that if you paste a picture of something or a group of somethings on a board, that everything becomes possible for you, regardless of whether you are sitting on a benefit at home daydreaming or out doing your job and still paying off an over budget mortgage or car.

The Real Key to getting what you want is first being aware of what you might need to change so that you can get it. For some that means downsizing a current manifestation. What served you in the past or filled your desires may have become a bit jaded in which case your new desires need to be accommodated and if this means dumping the old then so be it. What I am talking about here is CHANGE. No matter who you are or what your financial status, if you want something different, a new, job, home, lifestyle, you will need to give up something to achieve it. That would be your current lifestyle, job or home.

When finances are a bit more restricted you may need to let go of a few things that offer you very little or nothing, the most common example being coffee or lunching out, what does it cost you weekly and how does that impact what you want to spend your money on. Recognizing a finite resource and then using it the best way is often referred to as budgeting, this description in itself evokes the same response in many as dieting, and in fact the tendency is to think of it as cutting back or denying yourself some pleasure without a reward for the effort. It is this thinking alone that will hold you in a pattern of lack. Lack of action, lack of motivation, lack of money, lack of imagination, lack of abundance. So let’s work on changing that right now.

When you create your vision board imagine what it is you really want, it won’t be a thing, it won’t be material assets, on that level chances are you have those in one way or another but don’t feel satisfied. What you will be seeking is what makes YOU happy, looking at magazines or online pictures, take note of what evokes an emotional response from you, that is good and bad. When you recognize this response, take a minute to ask yourself why. This teaches you to listen to your inner guidance before you fall into the trap of putting $60,000,000 lotto win images on your vision board when in truth you wouldn’t want or know what to do with that amount of money. You may even have negative feelings about people who have money, so the idea of  having lots of it will become a conflict within you and you will sabotage your efforts. Your personal values will win every time, stay within those bounds and you will find exactly what you want.

What blows your skirt up? Travel? peace? the beach? When your focus is on lifestyle, it is easy to find the components of that and place them on your vision board. Put a picture of you happy and laughing, find a picture you love of yourself with friends or family, make that the centre of your board, it is your life you are envisioning, not someone else’s.

Once completed take a good look at your board, how does it make you feel? if any part of it makes you feel stressed, take it out. There is no good in looking at a beautiful house and then feeling you can’t ever have it or worse, it is not the type of house you could see as a home. When you look at your vision board it should evoke a sense of longing, desire and happiness. These are what motivate us even when we go about things the wrong way. If you put material things on your board, ask yourself if they are aligned with the effort you are prepared to put in, are you required to work 60 hours a week to have that if so, will you be happy with that, if so, for how long? these are the best questions to ensure the ultimate board for you.

Vision boards have been around in one form or another for a very long time and were made more popular when ‘The Secret’ movie was released. John Assaraf described his vision board and it’s success in helping him create a focus to streamline his target goal he described what efforts he put in over a 10 year period to find one day he had actually arrived. After looking through some boxes he found the vision board he had put away after looking at it for a few months and this story lit up millions of viewers who for some reason, took this to be some kind of magical event. John himself never portrayed it as such and i spent a good twelve months after that movie and to this day, answering queries as to why vision boards are not working for many. I even had one man swear at me, calling me a dumb c#@% because I had the temerity to suggest there is a need to not just envision, but there is also a need to DO.

John spent 10 years creating his dream, his board was materialistic and he created every last thing on that board, he also points out, in the movie, that he worked hard and long, lost his marriage and was in a new relationship at the time of finding that old vision board. In other words his life was not so extraordinary, his board reflected what he wanted in life more than anything and he got it by putting in the hard yards. Take a minute to think about what you want and what you are prepared to do to get it and you will always be on track.


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