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Body Centred Healing

core healingBody centred healing is basically healing through the understanding that your consciousness is so much more than spiritual awareness, being awake in the world and understanding others. your consciousness is total with a complete awareness of every process that the body has ever undertaken, every experience the body has is memorized perfectly.

The interaction between your body and the world at large, is purely information gathering and emitting. all the particles that make up your body pre existed you, they will exist in different forms long after the YOU that you know is gone, finding themselves as perhaps part of a tree, another human or floating freely tickling the edges of the consciousness of others until being attracted to another grouping. in this way you are eternal, always a part of everything and everything a part of you, the consistent and ongoing experience of the particle brings with it a touch of where it has been before, and this alone is phenomenal, this alone is perhaps the very cornerstone for evolution.

There is something delicious about pondering where the particles that make up your body have been before, which stars, which individuals, have they been water, a tree or a dog in the past? I find this truly the best of mind food to be able to accept infinity from the particle perspective it adds juice to the state of any intelligent being willing to tap into this potential knowledge. It is tempting to take particle science and turn it into spiritual belief, or rather it is tempting to ignore particle science in favour of spiritual belief. To me though this is an arrogance born from fear, the need for an individual, a personalty to supersede its time in a physical form even while preaching the truth, we are all one, we are part of the universe we are the universe.

These terms for the connection of all things seem to get lost between their utterance and and ideal which is you as the personality never die. Ever! In a desperate plea bargain with life force itself it seems that it is impossible to reckon with ongoing life being a particle that never dies, a particle that carries a small part of its history into every being or living thing that it becomes a part of, this ability to maintain its original spark, is incredible in view of the collective experiences of perhaps many lives or things. If you could take but a moment to engage in a respect for something that is truly timeless that is for now expressing itself as your body. if you could take but a moment to wonder at what experiences, lives and things these particles have been, not to mention where they have been you might begin to see the true magic of life. It is not necessarily found in a nameless soul or a vengeful but apparently helpless god, but more in the humble but infinitely viable particle.


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