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Divine Timing

be in time rather than on time

In card reading circles  the divine timing card is often met with deep sighs and rolling eyes, misinterpreted as it so often is, as a card that means you have to wait.

This is not so at all, this is a card of sychronicity, which of course is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. When someone is frequently in the right place at the right time we call them lucky, I believe their timing is great and yours can be too. Focus determines events, I cannot put it simpler than that, If you believe you are always where you need to be, and not if its meant to be it will be, then you are already there.

If like most of us you are focused to a certain extent on your fears and doubts, then this too will affect the timing of events in your life, while these manifestations play out, the more difficult you find it to manifest good things the easier it is for you to believe in lack, struggle and lesser outcomes.

Timing can be Divine

the smallest changes make the biggest difference

an expanded mind allows for expanded possiblitiesSo how do you generate a natural ability to be in the right place at the right time. Firstly curb impatience. If you want to gain something really big, like a house, this may take more than a week to prepare for from scratch. Start small and acknowledge that the recipe for success is the same for small things as it is for big things. Focus on what you want to achieve totally forget about how you will arrive at it.You are your own time keeper, so really think about this.

If you determine to own a house, you know your earnings, you want a particular type of property, and will need x amount of finance, you know it will probably take you 5yrs to save a deposit etc, you have just made it impossible to do this any other way. a looser focus is what is needed, Get a picture if you like to help you focus, stick it on the fridge and tell yourself it will be yours. Not someday, not if and when, it will be yours.

Being prepared to accept events as they unfold and follow the direction you are led might seem scary but it works a lot better than determining a plan including the struggles and obstacles. A wonderful affirmation is to focus on the phrase, I am always in time,,, or if you prefer, I am always in the right place at the right time. You will quickly notice coincidences becoming a part of your daily life and many opportunities will present themselves, some will be inconsequential and others more important, as always it is imperative that you acknowledge the divine timing of any event large or small. This affirmation is separate from placing an intentional desire.

Here is an example of something that happens for everyone, use it or lose it applies when it comes to opportunities.

I was noticing a less agile frame was altering the way i bent over and in more extreme moments affected the way i moved. I am fit and healthy so this does not sit well. I determined to find a way to introduce a regime that would maintain fitness and increase flexibility. I did not want to just work out as exercise without purpose bores me. Exactly 2 days later, talking to an aquaintance in the street, she just happened to mention she trained in tae kwon do, and went on to tell me how much more flexible she was because of it which she thought was a happy side effect. Needless to say I signed up and have been reaping the benefits ever since. there is no coincidence here, that same opportunity may have presented itself a year before and i would not have been ready to hear it, it would have simply been a conversation that didn’t happen.

The reason for this is i would not have even mentioned the issue i was having, the words that you utter are an indication of what you are heading towards and what you are ready for. Horary astrology interests me because the charts are done at the time the question is asked, not at the time of birth, as it is considered the most important or the divine time and needs to be read in the current moment not in the past. For yourself if you can understand that you are in control of your own timing and in fact have more immediate power over the timing of events in your life than any other area, you can also understand how you can create or manifest in any moment.

Reality is subjective, by allowing yourself to be attracted to those areas, people, situations and events that can help you means you are more in tune with exercising free will than if you follow a path based on your past.

Simply by changing your mind, you create a new environment for creation. How flexible you are determines whether you can create this new environment in a flash or if it will take time. Mostly what holds us back is fear, fear of loss more than anything . if your creative desires can be bought forward to the extent that fear of loss becomes a minor caution and not a stagnating force , then manifestation and creativity can be the way you live your day to day life, the right place at the right time.



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