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Chakras an energy meditation

Psychic Development- Chakra Awareness

Expand and Explore

Take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathe in a nice deep relaxation and breathe out any tension that may be in your body.Bring your awareness to your heart centre. Imagine a white light in the centre of your chest; allow this light to grow until it completely fills your chest cavity.

Draw this light down your body, to your solar plexus. This is 2 inches above your navel continuing on down to your sacral, which is about 2 inches below your navel; keep drawing this energy down to your Base Chakra at your groin.

Flow your energy down your legs through your knee chakra’s, continuing on down through your root chakra’s in your feet.

Allow your energy to be drawn to the centre of the earth. When your energy column reaches the core of the earth, gently pierce the crust and allow your energy to mingle freely with the earth energy.

After a moment, you will feel the earth’s response as she sends her energy back up your grounding cord. Imagine her energy coming up your energetic cord, all the way up and through the soles of your feet. Up your legs and continuing on up through your base Chakra, flowing up your body through your sacral, on up through your solar plexus and into your heart centre, keep it going up to your throat Chakra at the base of your throat, in the hollow there, and out the crown of your head going up to the very edge of the cosmos.

Above your head imagine a brilliant white light, so bright you can barely look at it.

Draw this energy down into your crown, down through your throat, into your heart centre continuing on down your body through the solar plexus then the sacral, flowing freely through the base Chakra and continuing on, down your legs and out the soles of your feet, still going down your energetic cord all the way down to the centre of the earth.

Allow the quantum and earth frequencies to mingle, and after a moment you will feel both energies pushing back up your energy column, coming up all the way through the soles of your feet, and on up your legs past, your hips continuing up to your heart centre

Allow this light energy to expand until it completely fills your chest cavity and expand it some more until it fills your entire body, allow it to expand beyond your physical body. reaching out into the world around you. allow your self to feel the main energy centres, take note of any particular information, whether it is a color, a memory or a knowing. try and place the information with the chakra or body area it came from.

Rest a moment and just allow the energies to flow throughout your body and beyond.

bring your focus back to yourself, feeling your hands and feet, the environment, the temperature. bring your awareness back into the room and open your eyes. try to remember the sensations, the information. take the time to allow an integration of the knowledge or new awareness.

Chakras and their Influences

starting below the feetTwelve Chakra’s Position Key words

1/ Root Star 12″ below feet = Drive, energy,

2/ Foot Soles of feet = Groundedness, Foundations

3/ Knees Knee caps = Duality, Adaptability

4/ Basal Groin = Memory, History,

5/ Sacral Below naval = Creativity, pride

6/ Solar plexus above navel = logic, judgement

7/ Heart Centre of chest = Balance, Personal love

8/ Throat Base of throat = intention, desire

9/ Third Eye Centre of brow = the big picture, optimism

10/ Crown Top of head = Karma, wisdom, timing

11/ Upper Crown 6″ above crown = Eureka, detachment

12/ Soul Star 12″ above crown = Faith, unconditional love


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