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Chakras, Healing Tips, and Divination all wrapped up in one little book

witticisms, wisdims & dorothyisms

 a book of little inspirations that can be used as divination, heal your body with explanations of the various … beliefs and thoughts have you your body, Chakras, Colour, and healing symbols are all presented in this book as a tool to find solutions to problems [Paperback]  also available as an e-book 

Chakra’s unveiling the Mystery

There are many chakra’s within the aura, they are the essential connection between the physical and subtle energies. Their influence is extensive, the aura as a whole is a reflection of the energies emitted and admitted here.A chakra is the centre of an E-Motion, the movement is circular in two directions at the same time, there is an inner and outer wheel if you like. The chakra interacts directly with the body influencing the function and performace of the components that make up the whole of the human energy system and body.

Any chakra has a largly interpretive function, the role of defining the energy that is available and projected to us determines how we will perceive a given situation, and the responses or E-Motions are almost instant, I say almost because sometimes the E-Motion comes before awareness.

They develop at different stages in childhood, when a traumatic event occurs the most developed chakras can become dominant, this will affect the adult development of the personality and how an individual responds to life in general, not just situations.

There are usually considered to be seven main chakras ranging from the head to the groin, I personally always work with a minimum of twelve for a more complete diagnosis or therapeutic application.

Each chakra is represented at the front and back of the body connected in the middle(literally)by an energy column that runs verically from head to foot and beyond.

All chakras fluctuate naturally, though must always be open front and back, this ensures the ability to correctly receive and interpret energetic information.

Healthy chakras promote a healthy body and mind, (vitality and enthusiasm for life reducing illness potential,low energy and a poor immune system)

Balanced chakras encourage appropriate responses and E-Motions, ( Stability within the personality reducing sensitivity, emotional and mental disorders)

Aligned Chakras Determine the ability to motivate a thought through to action including feeling, a connection to the past, and developing a connection to the future,( Confidence and security reducing anxiety)

12 chakras and their positions

Twelve Chakra’s Position Key words1/ Root Star 12″ below feet = Drive, energy,

2/ Foot Soles of feet = Groundedness, Foundations

3/ Knees Knee caps = Duality, Adaptability

4/ Basal Groin = Memory, History,

5/ Sacral Below naval = Creativity, pride

6/ Solar plexus above navel = logic, judgement

7/ Heart Centre of chest = Balance, Personal love

8/ Throat Base of throat = intention, desire

9/ Third Eye Centre of brow = the big picture, optimism

10/ Crown Top of head = Karma, wisdom, timing

11/ Upper Crown 6″ above crown = Eureka, detachment

12/ Soul Star 12″ above crown = Faith, unconditional love

chakras as you may see them in the aura

chakras in the aura

they tend to be close to the body, so i find myself focusing on two areas separately as a rule. Because the chakra moves within and interacts with the body it is sometimes completely or partially eclipsed the aura. for me if i keep the two areas separate in my mind i will look at one then the other rather than seeing it as a whole which will leave you without much of the information


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