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Using your Subconscious to Realize your Dreams

Using your dreams as a powerful tool

Change Behaviours and create new patterns in your sleep

The reason meditation and hypnotherapy work so effectively is they are utilizing that auto function part of the brain. While your conscious mind has the ability to evolve your awareness and take control, mostly we use our second level of consciousness, it has been said that in any day we only use our conscious brain actively for about 5% of the time.

The rest of the time we are in auto mode, even when driving you know that you have a sense of being jerked back to awareness when something extraordinary happens. we do the same when in conflict with others, or when engaging in long held behaviours in different situations.When the behaviour is an unwanted one, we inroad our confidence in ourselves by continuing to experience it and there is a tendency to feel we are not in control of ourselves, or that we are a slave to these responses and behaviours.

The beauty of hypnotherapy and meditative techniques is that the result is permanent, but like all therapy there is one flaw, that is the desire of the individual to effect the changes they are seeking. We all understand that at some level any change we make on a deeper level will alter other areas of our life. Even those who wish to stop smoking know it will have a profound effect not because of the smoking itself, but the attitude changes and how they feel about themselves will change. This could very well change relationships and how one wants to experience life.

This means the first thing you will need to do is determine what you want to change in to, not just what you want to take out of your life. think of the complimentary or desired behaviour and allow yourself to imagine behaving in that way. If you have a problem with anger see yourself angry and magically transforming into a happy communicating person. if you smoke imagine how you look smoking then see your self stopping happily then imagine all areas of your life as a non smoker. what ever your situation imagine your self in it as you are then imagine your self as you want to be.

As you start to relax into sleep tell yourself that you will use sleep as your tool to create the new pattern, if you are having issues with something, your career or another person, you must first see your own role in this as you cannot change another, you can change your behaviour though and this in turn would lead to things improving or you making a new choice as you go forward. You follow the sequence before sleep every day for as long as you feel you need to.

A dream can make you aware of an area of your life that needs addressing though it can be presented in a way that seems unrelated to the problem or may seem abstract, usually this is to give you a different perspective or is addressing the feelings associated with this area of your life, a dream can be like a deep message from your subconscious self to your conscious self, take note of how you feel in the dream, overall, and if others are in your dream take note of how you feel about them in life. if you get hooked up in why someone is in your dream or certain areas you could miss the meaning. I am specifically talking about dreams generated by seeking solutions to issues.

In the morning before getting up take the time to remember that dream or the solution, any time during the day will do, don’t worry it, simply intend for it to be so. it doesn’t matter particularly if you remember the whole dream or if you remember the solution or even if you remember nothing. it is simply a case of following or acknowledging what you do remember. if you remember a feeling in your dream, i.e. anxiety, then you can acknowledge that anxiety may be part of the problem if not the cause this gives you the ability to address the issue, rather than the situation at hand.,

Knowing your stuff solves nothing, most individuals have a pretty good idea of what is going on inside themselves, it is what we focus on that makes a difference between resolving an issue internal, or external. Once you have a clear understanding of what you need to do or be in the current situation, then you must DO IT if you are to achieve a result.

If you still have problems or you recognize an area that you could make changes in but don’t seem to be able to then you would need some help, see a professional for hypnotherapy or learn some meditation techniques, or have a guided meditation personalized just for you. Your life is yours and being in control of it is the key to meeting your life’s desires.

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