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A Healing Experience

bodycentredhealingcover1Energy therapy is being used more and more to resolve body issues that are either too dangerous to address with surgery, where ongoing issues are a result of medical procedures and where Medical professionals cannot assist in effecting a cure for an illness or injury.

The method I use is the Vibrational Expansion Technique, this is a method of energy working that I have developed myself and have bought forward to a point where I now train serious amateurs, practitioners and teachers in this modality.

Seeing the Human Electro-Magnetic field is an awesome thing, it is basically the emission of  low level light energy from your cells, this light carries information based on frequency and wave patterns. There is consistency from one person, particular dysfuntions and then organs etc which make it possible to learn how to read these emissions, interpret them and relate that information back to a client.

The application of energy is a matter of processing more energy in one individual and passing it on, your body is a receptor for many different frequencies as we all know, applying energy in larger quantities encourages your cells to change their behaviour, often resulting in almost miraculous results after one session though most commonly there is huge improvement after one session it is just as often required to have a few more to reset a new balance.

The most commone response to an Energy Therapy is a sense of well being and calmness, there is always a positive effect from energy therapy and if the practitioner has the knowledge and skill to give information that is beneficial to great outcomes all the better.

For the client all that is needed is that they lay down and relax. one of the nicest therapies one could hope for in dealing with physical and emotional issues.


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